Past Events

Art In Bloom trip - March 31st, 2012

On Saturday, March 31st Creative Images Photo Club members attended "Art In Bloom" at the Milwaukee Art Museum. This exhibit consisted of floral arrangements inspired by various works of art throughout the museum's collection.

A Walking Tour of the Third Ward - September 17th, 2011

Our September 17th meeting was a field trip to Milwaukee’s Third Ward. We had a nice turnout. The walking tour with opportunities to photograph was led by Mary who gives tours for Historic Milwaukee. Afterwards we had lunch together at the Milwaukee Public Market It was a lot of fun. There are many beautiful buildings which still contain traces of the past if you look carefully. This area is one of the largest and most intact warehouse districts in the country. Most of the buildings are from 1892 to 1920. It is a lively area with many condos, lofts, restaurants, boutiques and galleries-definitely a great place to explore.

Pictures by Mary Kleist :
The old American Candy Company Building still shows an advertisement of "Rex" Brand chocolates if you look behind it. It now houses Broadway Paper Company and condos.

The interior shot is of the Renaissance Building and shows the structure of the building and how beautifully a building from the19th Century can be renovated.


Spring Blooms - May 15th, 2010

Spring offers photographers a chance to get out and capture the wonders of nature like no other season... especially in Wisconsin. As the snow starts to melt nature seems to awaken in an explosive symphony of color. Everything from a simple field of green grass to the new buds on the trees offers a feast for the senses and the photographers lens.

With the bounty of beauty that Spring has to offer, it is difficult as photographers to limit ourselves to just one aspect. This month, we chose to focus on the one thing that most people, photographers and non-photographers alike could agree is probably the most beautiful thing about Spring — Spring Blooms. Below are just a few of the beautiful images captured by two of our members during this months outing. We hope they inspire you to look at Sping in a new way.


Pabst Mansion - February 21st, 2009

There is an unofficial postman's creed that states "Neither snow nor rain nor heat of day nor gloom of night shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". Well on a very snowy February day, many of our more intrepid members proved that saying might be better suited to photographers. In near white out conditions we each made our way to downtown Milwaukee for the unique privilege of photographing the Pabst Mansion… and what a privilege it was.

The extremely well guided tour and exquisitely appointed rooms brought the rich history of the Pabst Mansion to life for each of us. One could almost hear the gentle notes floating in the air from a small band of musicians which would greet guest when they entered as we photographed the foyer… or the clinking of the crystal and cheerful laughter of an elegant dinner party as we made our way to the dining room. Every room we entered combined with the words of our guide to allow us to make a brief connection with the past. It was exactly that colorful tapestry of tales that made our arduous trip to the Pabst Mansion a photographer's dream. We hope that through our eyes and photos, you too can make a connection... or better yet visit the Pabst Manion and make a connection that is truly your own.

The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion
2000 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233-2043
Phone: 414-931-0808